This is a blog following the trials and tribulations of the terrifying and brave journey that is pregnancy… not through the eyes of the courageous woman, who has decided to make that sacrifice, start herself on that emotional and physical rollercoaster of a journey that will change her forever by bringing life into the world…

But from the perspective of the man who did it to her with her… and has realised that this is going to be so much more than having nine months of a free designated driver followed by a cool little baby to play with and get to know! A man a bit confused about sharing boobs with a tiny person that he hasn’t yet met. And a man who has realised that he may now have to support the woman that he loves almost as well as she supports him when he has a really bad cold and needs soup and Lucozade brought to his bedside… but for, like, nine months!?

Please get your tiniest violins ready for Man vs. Bump.

morningsicknessFoot Note: It may also be that, it will be lovely for myself and my partner to look back on later in life. Perhaps it could even be of some comfort to any men who also feel hopelessly inadequate in knowing how to support their partners during this time when they deserve everything we have to give, but we are not exactly sure what that is.

Foot Foot Note: I felt obliged to write the previous foot note, as it was the exact argument that I put forward to get my partner to allow me to write the blog in the first place.