The Scan Hack


WE FOUND A HACK! …Well, kind of. We have been lucky enough to have two scans, for the initial scan we were a day too early for them to do the measuring bit to tell if the baby was growing normally.

The experience was ok. No real complaints but there were two things we could have improved on.

Firstly, I was so panicky that it said ‘have a full bladder’ on the form that I encouraged my partner to basically drink her own weight in water an hour before the scan and didn’t even consider that there might be a backlog of patients, so when it finally came to us my partner was in relatively excruciating pain, which I can only imagine she quietly (and quite rightly) blamed me for.

Secondly, we were so dumbstruck by the experience, we really didn’t ask any questions, so we only really got the economy package tour of her womb.

For our second run through we had a game plan: namely, my son! After much debate as to whether it was appropriate (despite Google mostly suggesting that Hospitals either did not allow it or at least disapproved), and after discussing what we would say to him if things were not going well, we decided to do it anyway.

We decided that it was a calculated risk and, in our circumstance, it would make for a much more inclusive introduction for my son to meet his unborn sibling than just showing him the photos the following weekend and having to explain that we had known for ages but only just told him.

I can’t say that the experience would be the same for everyone but for us it was fantastic!

The nurses made us feel very welcome as a family unit and were very friendly. But the real benefit was the questions that my son was not afraid to ask, I think they are the kind of things we would all wish to ask but possibly don’t.

Son: How is it jumping around so fast?

Nurse: The embryonic fluid surrounds it like a little swimming pool.

Son: Why does it look like an alien monster?

Nurse: Because the tissue around its scull have not developed fat cells yet.

Son: What is its mouth doing?

Nurse: It is drinking the embryonic fluid.

Son:Cool! How does it eat?

Nurse: If we look here, you can see the umbilical cord and the placenta is here in front.

Son: Dad says if we write notes to it and make her eat them we can teach it to read?

Nurse: No!? But you can speak to it and it will get used to the vibrations and tone of your voice and later you will be able to feel it kicking and moving and it will be able to feel your hand on her stomach.

The experience was really nice and we all left feeling great. If that particular hospital wing was on Trip Adviser, I would have given it five stars! I jest, but perhaps that is actually a thing you can do now…?

Oh, and all the measurements worked out absolutely fine so that was a bonus too!




2 thoughts on “The Scan Hack

  1. disibilityliving February 6, 2017 / 11:07 pm

    I like it, as a single father I remember much of what you are going through. I got all the morning sickness, the wife at the time got nothing, she had the easy time except the need to pee every 2.1 seconds 🙂 Enjoy yourself, kids are so much fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    • manvsbump February 6, 2017 / 11:16 pm

      Lol, Yup! the Peeing!! I’m saving a whole post for that I think! We live in a one toilet house! I genuinely considered peeing in the greenhouse the other day, whilst waiting for the toilet to be free!
      Thank You, I can’t wait! 🙂 (For a baby that is, not the toilet)

      Liked by 1 person

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